Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors

Use of screw conveyors

Work at the enterprises of agriculture. It is used for formation of revolt, loading cars and granaries. Installed in the mills and factories for the production of sunflower oil.
Screw loaders installed where the movement of feed, feed mixture.

Screw conveyors are installed at manufacturing plants: at mining and processing plants and mining enterprises, at coal mines, at chimical plants for moving sand, coal, sludge.Screw conveyor for cement is widely used in dry bulk constraction plants.

The screw conveyor is an integral part of the waste transfer lines.

(Русский) Шнековый конвейер
Шнековый транспортёр передвижной

The choise of the type of the screw conveyor

Advanteges of transport lines based on screw conveyors

The screw conveyor is made in the form of a spiral screw moving the material inside the pipe or inside the box.
Moving cargo is possible both horizontally and vertically.
Due to the particular design the screw conveyor can be an integral part of transport lines.

Based on the conditions in which the screw conveyor is to operate, the choise of stationary or mobile is performed.

Depending of working conditions and type of material being moved, our specialists will help you choose the right screw conveyor diameter as well as type and power of the drive.

Manufacturing conveyors, mobile and stationary

Our company is engaged in the production of transport mechanisms.One of the main directions is the production of screw conveyors and components to them.
We can and we are able to solve various problems arising in technological processes, providing for the transportion of goods, raw materials, products, finished products.

Design, development, manufacturing, instalation

Accurate and qualitative implementation of the task

Warranty and post-warranty service

We have been working in the Ukrainian market for 9 years already

We install the automation for the cabinets and the control panels

Economic effect