Driving belts flat synthetic


NPC Khts sells a wide range of polyamide drive belts. This type of belt is well known for its reliability and long service life in the most difficult operating conditions: round-the-clock production with heavy equipment loads.

  • Conveyor equipment
  • Transmission
  • Industrial equipment
  • Cars

Synthetic drive belts

Poliamid belts are used there the common drive belts cannot cope with the load. Poliamid belts stand out for their excellent damping characteristics: traction layers of poliamid sintetic belts are higly elastic and can withstand periodic overload, which prevents their residual elongation. Flat belts made of poliamidal sheet have particularly strong edges, rigid in transverse direction and strong. Polyamid is reliable and has a long service life. It can work in various conditions and works well in extreme conditions with intermittent overload and high temperature.

Aramid transmission belts are a good choise for long belts due to the short tension and high precision, which is important at critical amount of speed and belt speed.
Aramic fabric can withstand a significant increase in effort at work.