Manufacturing equipment
Sale of components

Selecting the proper belt conveyor

The choise of the belt conveyor’s type and its parameters.
Assistance of choosing the belt conveyor, the definition of its design features depending on operating conditions.


Conveyors for moving constraction materials

Our conveyors are succefully used for moving building materials: crushed stones, sand and cement.
The extensive experience we have gained in the manufacture of conveyors allows us to manufacture equipment that is adapted for the rapid replacement of wear parts .

Привод для транспортёра,конвейера

The selection of the power of the conveyor drive and the selection of the type of the drive

Our recommendations will help our customers to choose the required power and type of the conveyors drive or other equipment ordered from us, based on operations conditions, durability of the electric motor, as well as consuption of electrical energy

Adjust the speed of the belt conveyor

Adjusting the speed of belt conveyors using a frequency converter

Upon request of customers, the belt conveyors we produce can be equipped with frequency converters. With their help energy saving is achieved, as well as the main function of frequincy converters: adjustment of the rotational speed of an asynchronous three-phase motor.