Asbestos materials

Asbestos materials

This is a good thermal insulation material with refractory properties. It is used both in everyday life and in industry. This material is distinguished for its increased strength. It has biological stability and excellent performance characteristics.
On the basis of asbestos cardboard, any fire-fighting room can be build to protect against any incidents any premises (electrical panels, in particular) for both public and industrial purposes, and the life of asbestos board can be measured for many decades.

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Asbestos properties and how to use it

Asbestos fibers are strong, durable and resistant to heat, acids and abrasion. Because of these beneficial physical properties asbestos fibers have often been combined with other materials for use in industrial, marine, automotive, scientific, and construction products.
Asbestos is added to many materials because of its low cost and durability. Manufacturers use the mineral in products such as cement, glue, brake pads as it is heat and flame resistant, and also helps materials withstand chemical reactions.
Asbestos is most widely used in the construction industry. Industry accounted for 70-80% of all asbestos consumption. Asbestos fibers are used in thermal insulation, roofing materials, asbestos cement and other products to increase durability and resistance to weathering.
Scope of asbestos: insulation of pipes, boilers, corrugated air cells, holes and blocks, fireproof or acoustic texture products (includes acoustic plaster, decorative plaster, textured paint or coatings, fire blankets, fire curtains, fire doors), textile and fabric products (includes blankets, protective fabric coatings, clothing, asbestos gloves, threads, cords, yarn, braids) putty, corrective and gluing compounds (includes sealants, putty ki, joints, thermofilm compositions), gaskets and seals (including gaskets for high temperatures, seals for industrial products, high pressure seals, asbestos seals reinforced with steel or copper wire), asbestos-cement pipe and sheet material, friction materials (automotive and railway brakes and clutches).
Asbestos is also used in elevator brake pads, elevator equipment panels, air ducts, electrical panel partitions, electrical fabric, and cooling towers.