Manufacture of buckets for grain dryers and elevators of any type

Норийные ковши

We make custom-made buckets of elevator, metal and polymer, buckets for cement transportation, for and other bulk materials.

The bucket is used for gripping, lifting, as well as vertical movement and unloading of various bulk materials. The elevator buckets are manufactured using special technology.

Buckets are attached to the belt by bolts that have a flat head with two spikes on the inside. This prevents the bolt from turning when the nut is twisting. Depending on the width of the buckets to the tape, fix with a certain interval (step) of two, three or four bolts with washers and two nuts. Beside the holes for fixing the buckets, there is a recess into which the flat head of the bolt flush with the tape, which does not create additional resistance when the tape moves along the drum.

On tapes with a width of more than 600 mm, the buckets are arranged in two rows in staggered order. On buckets of a large width, when scooping up the product, considerable forces act and some braking of the tape (ripple) will occur. With the staggered arrangement of the buckets in two rows, the pulsation is smoothed and its negative influence is reduced.


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